About EddCon and the people who work there

Our mission, ways of cooperation and employees

About EddCon

In 2018, Esben Durup Dickenson who is educated Construction Manager and VDC certified Project Manager / BIM Manager, founded EddCon. EddCon was founded with a strong mission in mind; To contribute to a better and more sustainable construction industry employing digital tools and innovative project management. Our key approach is 3-D modeling / Building Information Modeling and the main goal is to enable more effective construction processes, a lesser number of deficiencies and finally to encourage transparency and cooperation.

At EddCon, we collaborate across professional groups and specialists. We act as a link between the client, contractor, consultants, and craftsmen. My competencies within ICT management and clash detective tests help ensure that your ICT expectations for the construction project run according to the agreement on time, price, and quality. Next, we advise both private individuals and companies and hold competencies within all phases of a construction – from the design phase to finalized construction.


Sustainable construction

We must have a more sustainable construction industry in Denmark, and we can do this, among other things, by thinking digitally and using 3-D.


The latest technology

The potential for the use of digitization and new technology in the construction industry is great and can have a huge impact on the industry’s ability to work more efficiently and sustainably. Here we are at the front position.


Innovative project management

The construction industry is a dynamic industry, and construction is becoming more and more complex with stricter requirements from, among others, the Building Act. The challenges in construction therefore require very special competencies within professional project management.

The people who work here

Esben Durup Dickenson

Esben Durup Dickenson

Owner / CEO

Esben has experience from positions as Construction Manager, Process Manager, Ass. Project Manager and BIM / VDC Coordinator in contract sizes from DKK 250 million to DKK 2.2 billion.
Esben has received training by talented professors who are founders of the concept of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). At this VDC certificate program, I have learned some useful work methods that can improve the efficiency of using BIM/3-D models as tools – as well as in process work with VDC workflows in meetings and streamline building processes.

Andreas Monberg

Andreas Monberg

Head of IT and Technical Designer

Andreas is trained within information technology and has several years of experience in areas of technical installations and it in general. Andreas handles the assignments related to IT and do work as Technical Designer.

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“My collaboration with EddCon for more than a year has been characterized by trust, great hard work and always delivery on time. EddCon has i.a. been responsible for ICT management, 3-D modeling of selected areas, quantity extraction, change log, setup and control of Dalux etc..

Lars-Henrik Hansen – Senior Design Manager, NCC


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