Dress for success when hiring us as your advisor in BIM / 3-D modeling, 4-D / 5-D simulations and ICT management.

Builder and Contractor counselling

We have several years of experience with project management and construction management both from smaller private projects and from some of the country’s largest construction projects and leading construction companies. This means that we have the competencies to handle the project management of a building’s involved designers and craftsmen as well as their contractual relationships. Such project management is necessary to ensure the process in relation to your expectations of time, quality and price.

The contractor achieves a particularly great value in the modeling work and can advantageously avoid setting up an internal BIM / VDC department and instead use external consultants – like us. Read more about the individual services below and become wiser about how we can optimize your construction project both in terms of time management and .

You choose whether you want counselling regarding the start-up of your construction, or whether you want a permanent counselling during the execution of your construction.

ICT / BIM / VDC coordination

We offer to handle the ICT matters involved in the project, which must be available as contractual relations between you as the builder or contractor and the designers. Your expectations for the ICT matters of your construction project will follow the agreement on time, price and quality.


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The ICT management can be handled internally by the builder or by another contractor of the construction project. Most often, ICT management is provided by a turnkey consultant or a turnkey contractor.

At EddCon, we have only one interest, and that is to help our customers minimize risks and optimize their projects. We keep 100% focused on your needs and give you the independent advice you may need.

Professional ICT management and successful implementation of ICT generally require that ICT is not just a subject area for specialists, but rather a natural and integral part of the construction project and its organization.

We have several years of experience with the implementation of 3-D models in the construction industry and offer the tools and competencies for this, so you get off to a good start with the 3-D models for your construction project.

We work out an ICT agreement between the design parties of the construction project that focuses on your interests and what is fair to the parties.

The ICT agreement invovles how often collision checks must be carried out during the design process. When building an office, there are significantly more installations that need to be coordinated based on the model.

The ICT agreement could also involve the digital submission, which is a significant point for some builders. Here it is important to design the ICT agreement to include priority points and not necessarily all points. This results in a better design process.

We offer to handle the ICT matters of the construction’s involved designers, which must be worked out as contractual relations between you as the client and the designers. Your expectations for the ICT matters of your construction project will follow the agreement on time, price and quality.

3-D modeling

We hold advantageous competencies in 3-D modeling in construction projects.

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Realization of a construction project in the form of 3-D modeling is a powerful tool when it comes to high quality construction, time and financial management. By high quality construction we ​​mean the elimination of the communicative challenge that is otherwise known when drawing in 2-D, as in 2-D it is not possible to reproduce precise materials and compositions. In terms of time, the 3-D model minimizes the entire drawing / modeling process, and any corrections or wishes for changes in the design are quickly implementet. A construction project is typically dependent on a budget, and here the 3-D model is also an optimization tool, as volume calculation and material prices are 100% transparent and accurate.

We hold the right mix of skillset within IT technology and construction, which puts us at the forefront when it comes to modeling in 3-D based on 2-D.
It is not unusual that the responsibility for 3-D modeling ends up with inhouse, inexperienced and perhaps very young BIM / VDC managers at busy contractor bussinesses submitted to a industry under pressure. This can have major consequences for the quality of the model.

We guarantee that the 3-D model always contains the correct information for quantity extraction and supply data. In addition to getting an advantageous visual overview, you will automatically get plan views, section views and facade views updated when the 3-D model gets updated. In addition, you can perform collision controls of the 3-D models you get from architects, engineers and so on as well as prepare the supply chain from most contractors.

4-D / 5-D simulation

From the performance of 4-D and 5-D simulations, you have control of the progress and stages of execution of the construction both in terms of time and financial planning.

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This is highly relevant if you have a need to visualize your thoughts about the construction process which is already scheduled.

We perform simulations of the construction process by linking a schedule to the 3-D model from which a movie is being played. From this video, you can follow the process from any angle of the building to examine a risk assessment or optimization of a specific area during the construction process.

When the schedule is adequately optimized and a risk assessment has been made, we will teach you how to utilize the simulation. An example could be how to utilize the simulation for building site follow-up during the construction.

The fifth dimension arises when we connect the financial plan to the 3-D model, which is already synced with the schedule and the 4-D simulation as described above. With 5-D, you will be able to identify in what way the primary cost drivers of the building parts are distributed.

In addition, another simulation can be made in various software – including iTWO or VICO Office. Such an simulation will reveal the construction’s cash flow through time alongside the construction progress, which is based on the 4-D simulation.

Prioritizing 4-D and 5-D simulations, you have control over the progress and stage execution of the construction in the aspects of time and finance based on specific payment plans. This ensures that no more is invoiced than progress allows realistically.

Construction Site Modeling and Logistics Coordination

If you need support for managing your construction site, we offer to perform 3-D object-based construction site designing as objects in the 3-D model.

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If you need support for managing your construction site, we offer to perform 3-D object-based construction site designing as objects in the 3-D model. This provides you with a good overview of driveways and access roads as well as an overview of where on the construction site containers, hoists and cranes are located.

From the data the 3-D model gives you, you can order the specific cranes for the range and height you need at exactly your construction site.

Once the stationary layout is in place in the 3-D construction site model, you then can use the 3-D model for logistics and work coordination during the execution of the construction.

If needed, we can be available at each presidential meeting. At the meeting, each Chairman can place an object in the 3-D model (such as an excavator). The object is placed on the site spot in the 3-D construction site model that corresponds to spot of the real construction site. Next up is markers of a barrier around the work area in the 3-D model as well as it is being implemented on the real construction site. In this way, you can always follow where work is taking place on the construction site avoiding incorrect placement of e.g. concrete elements or unloading in the area where excavation work occurs.

Clash Detection and Coordination

We offer to perform clash and consistency checks on your construction project with 3-D models from all design partners, so that all subjects are taken into account, and the project can be built in the right time, quality and within budget.

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If you need a neutral model coordinator for your turnkey contract, we have the tools.

EddCon offers to perform clash and consistency checks on your construction project with 3-D models from all design partners on the given project. We document and coordinate the result from the clash detection and coordinate observations from the consistency check by comparing all the project’s 3-D building models. We monitor that the 3-D design is coordinated in step with the detailing.

We can be your neutral player in the project, ensuring that all involved designers get a good design process. As the neutral partner, we have no interest in the architecture, the constructions or the installations. The interest lies in the coordination, so that all subjects are taken into account, and the project can be built in the right time, quality and within budget.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in the construction industry becomes more and more popular when presenting projects.

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An additional layer on meeting customer expectations is virtual reality. The 3-D model enables our customers to experience their building design through the virtual reality sensory tool in the form of glasses and a controller, which is connected to the 3-D model. When you are connected, you experience being able to move around in your building, as if it were completed.
Virtual reality has also proven to be an extremely powerful tool for reviewing and quality assuring models.

Go to this link for an example.

Revit Template Setup and Solibri

Streamlining modeling time and minimizing errors are just two of the benefits of having a Revit template developed.

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We continuously develop competencies and new workflows in the software program Revit. Working in Revit templates facilitates raising the level in the industry and promotes efficiency and savings on the bottom line.
Latest, we have created a Revit template with 3-D objects, detail items and more. for an architect firm.

Quantified Supply Data for Contractors

With the information in the 3-D model, we can prepare quantified contractor supply data associated with each specialized contractor area.

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In today’s construction industry where all projects contain 3-D models of the architects’ designs, constructions and installations, we build our projects on a knowledge bank that too few actors fully use.

With the information in the 3-D model, we can prepare quantified contractor supply data associated with each specialized contractor area. We extract useful information from the 3-D model, which is added to the model during its construction. An example we have had great gains with on other projects is facade extraction.

The façade contractor often contains quantities of façade material which are extracted in the form of forms both at the general level, but also specifically from each floor. When the facade quantities are illustrated in drawings, you can create an overview of both price and installation flow.

Windows and possibly glass sections are added to the supply data using stamp drawings that we know from concrete elements.
We extract a window type and illustrate it in plan view, elevation view, section view and 3-D view with precise measurements. With this info, the facade supplier already has enough material for production when getting the data in form of these drawings. The supplier can continue the detail work of windows and glass sections from the material provided. All stamp drawings contain bulk extracts of bars and glass areas, which make it simple to set a price on the individual component.

With the entire supply data of components gathered in PDF, DWG or similar, it can be sent out to several different suppliers. Thereby, you can research the market for the best and cheapest supplier for your particular project.

The supplier data in the architectural project that are obvious components to extract from the 3-D model are: interior doors and glass sections, stairs, railings, floors, ceilings, facades and roof areas.


Sustainable construction

We must have a more sustainable construction industry in Denmark, and we can do this, among other things, by thinking digitally and using 3-D.


The latest technology

The potential for the use of digitization and new technology in the construction industry is great and can have a huge impact on the industry’s ability to work more efficiently and sustainably. Here we are at the front position.


Innovative project management

The construction industry is a dynamic industry, and construction is becoming more and more complex with stricter requirements from, among others, the Building Act. The challenges in construction therefore require very special competencies within professional project management.

No project is too big or too small

In EddCon, the 3-D model is our communication tool internally, but also with you as a customer. The most important thing for us is that the focus is on you and your dreams of the design for your construction.

The 3-D model has attracted many terms and concepts, however, the correct technical term for the 3-D model is “BIM”.

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling. This means that we have a building in a digital 3-D model, which contains important information. This information from the 3-D model, such as quantities on floors, can be extracted from the 3-D model in the measurement formula you want.

Best of all, our 3-D / BIM model is a tool for matching expectations, which helps to ensure we have achieved the geometry and design you want to build as a customer.

Once expectations are in place, the next concept comes into play; “VDC”.

VDC is an acronym for Virtual Design and Construction. Esben Durup Dickenson, Owner and CEO at EddCon, is a graduate of Stanford University in the “VDC Certificate Program”. VDC is the tooling part of the 3-D / BIM model, which is used in the business supported part of the construction industry. Here the focus rests on forming an overview of time, quality and price by linking the 3-D model with schedules and financial management. To sum it up, we hold management competencies in all phases of construction, from design to delivery of the construction project.

Interested in a no-obligation conversation?

At EddCon, we specialize in complex construction projects

We advise in, prepare and implement 3-D modeling and project management.


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